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Four Days

It’s hard to plan ahead in Colorado. Mid-November weekends can be 70° and sunny or 20° with snow. We planned on hiking somewhere on Saturday, but when it snowed Friday night, we decided to stick to flatter locations. We went … Continue reading

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A Day of Birding

I got up fairly early this morning and headed south to Fountain Creek Regional Park. I spent about an hour wandering the trails. I didn’t see anything rare, but I did find 30 species, which is pretty good for this … Continue reading

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5 — Class Photo

This photo was taken in May, 1939 on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. It’s my mom’s high-school Senior class from Hillside, New Jersey. My mom’s in the back row toward the left, next to the tall … Continue reading

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4 — Happy Whale

About the time I was in junior high, the church my father pastored was remodeled. The framing, doors, and pews of the old sanctuary were all solid white oak. When that was all torn out, Dad grabbed several pieces. We … Continue reading

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3 — Spring Lancet

I’m sure this particular bloodletting lancet has an interesting history. I just don’t know much of it. I know where and when I got it—from my parents about 20 years ago. But where they got it, and when, and why, … Continue reading

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2 — Krema Foam Peanut

A few years back, Sally and I had some time to kill in Columbus, Ohio. I searched online for something to do and found the Krema Nut Company. The store has a small cafe that serves gourmet peanut butter & … Continue reading

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1 — The Toot-A-Loop

This is the first in a possible series about the stories behind my stuff. Sometime in the early 1970’s, my sister bought me a Toot=A-Loop. My parents had a record player and some records, but if I wanted to hear … Continue reading

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Close to Home

After our excursion to the San Luis Valley last weekend, we decided to stick closer to home this Saturday. Our first stop was lunch, at Bingo Burger in downtown Colorado City.  A Bingo Burger, by definition, had Pueblo peppers ground … Continue reading

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Great Sand Dunes National Park

Almost everywhere we went in the San Luis Valley, we could see the huge sand dunes piled up against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. From a distance, they were dwarfed by the mountains. They got impressively larger as we drove … Continue reading

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Bird #484 — Pinyon Jay

gymnorhinus cyanocephalus Sunday, October 29, 2017 Great Sand Dunes National Park Sally and I were driving into the park with the Sangre de Cristo mountains on our right and the arid flats of the San Luis Valley on our left. … Continue reading

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